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St Peter's churchyard site plan



This plan shows St Peter's church with the annex attached to the north east corner and adjacent to the northern wall of the churchyard.

To the south east of the church is the Norman Chapel and although churches are normally aligned east-west the church and chapel have slightly different alignments.

The Lychgate forms the main churchyard entrance through the western churchyard wall.

The Hearse House was on the southern wall of the original churchyard, but the churchyard has been extended southward four times in 1856, 1911, 1935 and 1941.

Many of the churchyard paths are constructed from re-used gravestones and tradition says that they were brought from "Bollington" during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Most of the churchyard paths are very uneven and some will be upgraded (shown "light gray") to have a bound gravel surface which water can soak through and will then be fully accessible. There will also be a new gate in the southern churchyard wall giving access to the nearby public car park.

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 St Peter's site plan