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Church internal changes



In St Peter's church changes are being made to the south porch and north aisle.

The south porch will become the main church entrance, with the west porch doors only opened for some major services, weddings and funerals.

The floor of the south porch will be adjusted to ramp down to nave floor level and the existing floor tiles re-laid. The doors out to the churchyard will be retained and new timber and glass doors will be fitted between the porch and the nave. This entrance will then be fully accessible with greatly reduced drafts and heat loss from the nave.

There will also be new noticeboards on the walls and the existing memorial boards will be relocated into the church.

The narrow north aisle will become a main route from the west end of the nave into the new annex. The north aisle will be widened by shortening the north side pews slightly. The underfloor heating channels will be adjusted and the stone floor relaid with some additional matching tiles.

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Church internal changes