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The Bulletin



The Bulletin is our monthly news sheet. It can be picked up from the back of Church, and various places in the Village. It is delivered by Park Lane News with papers on the Friday that it is published.

Read it here

You can download the current issue. Previous issues are archived.

The Bulletin is now monthly

We are now producing the Bulletin monthly. Because this is much larger than the previous version,the only option we are offering here is to download it.

Please note that the first page of the downloaded copy may appear blank in your browser - this is because it is designed to print correctly (in Landscape on A4 paper).

The Bulletin and immediate news can be sent to you by email.

Send us a mail at:

You can subscribe to receive The Bulletin and news by e-mail. If you subscribe, you can decide to cancel at any time. Every time you receive The Bulletin, you will get instructions on how to stop subscribing.

The Bulletin will be sent to you as an Acrobat ("pdf") file.

This file can be viewed on most computers using the Acrobat Reader. It will also print out so you can have The Bulletin as a paper copy, if you have a printer. The Acrobat Reader software is free, and can be obtained from

We promise that we will only send you the e-mail copy of The Bulletin, and that we will stop sending you copies as soon as you ask us to. We will not send you any other e-mails, and we want to protect you from spam (junk e-mails).

How do I sign-up?

Please send an e-mail to with just the word SUBSCRIBE in the Subject or the Body of your e-mail. This must come from the e-mail account that you want to receive The Bulletin.

You will receive a reply asking you confirm your subscription - if you don't reply, we won't add you to the service. Once you reply to the confirmation, we will send you The Bulletin and news each week in an e-mail that also tells you how to unsubscribe, and how to use The Bulletin.

How do I unsubscribe?

Reply to the e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject, or send a mail to with just the word UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject or the Body of your e-mail. This mail must come from the e-mail account that you no longer want to receive The Bulletin.

You may also phone the Parish Office on 01625 827625 or e-mail them at:, explaining that you want to unsubscribe. You must tell them the address of the e-mail account that you want to unsubscribe.


We hope there won't be any problems, but we want to know and help if any of this doesn't work!

Important Notes

The address is automated, and messages are not read by people. If you want to have your message read by a person, please use!

When you subscribe, we will only hold your email address for the purpose of sending you mails from our lists, and we will not share this with any other organisation.