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Problems with The Bulletin



I have sent a Subscribe message, but nothing has happened.

Please check that your e-mail provider does not block mail from ''. You may need to specifically allow this address to send you mails. Check with your e-mail provider.

If that seems ok, then mail us at with details, and we'll try to help. But, please note, some e-mail providers also appear block e-mails from the other addresses we use. You must make sure that at least '' can get through.

I get the Bulletin message, but I can't open the attachment.

Some computers are set up so that they won't allow you to open attachments, like The Bulletin. You need to tell your software that you want to be able to open it. In some cases, this is the e-mail software you use. In the case of Windows XP, you may need to tell the Operating System itself. Please consult your software documentation, or search on the web for help about this. You can mail us at with details of your software, including the operating system, and we will try to help you with this. Of course, the reason why you can't open the attachments to start with is that some attachments can harm your computer. You must be careful about what you open in this way, and you must run up-to-date anti-virus software to help you to be safe. We won't send you anything nasty, but others may.

I've stopped getting The Bulletin!

I was getting The Bulletin every week, and now it has stopped. What's wrong?

If The Bulletin stops after Easter, it's because you didn't re-subscribe. We sent everyone a message after Easter, and anyone who didn't reply was taken off the subscription. This is to make sure we are not sending spam, or annoying someone who doesn't know how to stop us. The simplest thing is to simply send a message saying SUBSCRIBE in the subject to

The Bulletin also stops at the end of July, and starts again in September. Once in a while, we can't send you The Bulletin because of some other problem. But it usually starst again after a week.

Other Problems

We'd like to know about any other problems. You can mail them to Please note that you will only see our reply if you can get our mails. Failing all else, write to us using 'snail mail' at The Parish Office, Ford House, Prestbury, SK10 4DG.