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How to Contact us



Contact us

Our address is:

St Peter's marker

St Peter's Prestbury
Parish Office
St Peter's Rooms
The Village
Postcode SK10 4DG


Telephone phone: +44 (0)1625 827625


The Parish Office is on the north east side of the Church.

Our clergy

Revd Patrick Angier phone, telephone tel: 829288 or e-mail

Revd Avril Ravenscroft phone, telephone tel: 820041

Revd Stephen Callis phone, telephone tel: 427002



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If there are technical problems with the site contact:


St John's

The Church is at:
St John's marker

Brookledge Lane
Postcode SK10 4JX


The Church of the Resurrection

The Church is at:
Curch of teh Resurrection marker

Upton Priory
Postcode SK10 3HT
 St Peter's - Google maps