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Pram service: the smallest people take their first steps to God...



…and that means making sure that it’s a warm, engaging experience, where everyone can feel relaxed – for the tiniest of babies right up to those starting school.

Pram service has a very simple structure
with lots of involvement for the children, and they soon understand the shape and anticipate what’s to come. It begins when we ring the bell to tell everyone we’re here. Then there’s singing, lighting a candle to remind us that Jesus is with us, and a story, a prayer and getting out the shakers!

Then it’s time to chill – with play time, craft time, and we all have coffee, juice and homemade cake.

The Pram Service is held at St Peter's Church and playtime in St Peters Rooms

Come and join us on the second and fourth Thursday of the month during termtime, from 10.15am. Check The Bulletin or our Facebook page for dates. 

If you’d like to know more about Pram Service, talk to:
Bev (tel: 829288)

Making a joyful noise to the Lord!

Time to get out the shakers!

Time to blow the candle out

What shall we make today?

 Often asked…

Every so often we discover that someone hesitates to come because they’re worried about whether their little one will be ‘good enough’. We’ve all had small children and we know what they can –
and can’t – do! We want your child’s first experience of Church to be one of joy, so please relax and join us. Every- one is welcome. 

We listen to our story

How big is Jesus’ love? This big!

 Prayer time









Pram Service dates:

These are published each month in "The Bulletin" which can be downloaded from this website.

Also, look at St Peters Facebook where late changes may be published.

and then we play at being pirates!