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Work in schools: meeting different ages where they are



Modelling with marshmellows

Tidal Wave

How do marshmallows and spaghetti help us understand our community?? Ask children from Tidal Wave, and they’ll probably talk about how we’re all connected to each other, how what we do affects each other, how there are all sorts of links that make us stronger together than separately. And how these bonds are strengthened when we remember to help each other, to look out for our  friends, our neighbours, and those all across the world.
They’ll also tell you they had a great deal of fun as they explored these things!

Follow me....

So what is Tidal Wave?

It's a lunchtime club for children in years 3 and 4, where we learn about Jesus through stories - just like Jesus told - through fun, arts and
crafts, friendships and (of course) food!

When and where?

Tidal Wave sweeps through termtime every Tuesday at Prestbury C of E Primary School. It runs during lunchtime 12.30-1.10pm.

According to one child it’s “the best after school club ever”! (See the poster below!)

Best ever poster


Get a bit further up the school and Tsunami draws in children from years 5 and 6 for school lunchtime fun that helps them explore the world through Bible stories, engaging with God and exploring questions about how we live.

Last term we looked at creation - just a small subject! - and how we can help look after this amazing world we live in. As we thought about these big issues, we also made some pretty awesome trees out of crepe paper and card, that waved gracefully among the living plants.

School garden

School girl

Like Tidal Wave, Tsunami takes place at Prestbury  C of E primary school. It’s on Thursday lunchtime 12.30-1.10pm.


Easter crosses

Outdoor gathering

On The Other Hand

Stressss! How do you deal with it? Pressures! What helps us navigate through? And is there really a heaven? Does God get cross? Why is social action important? And what about evolution??? So much stuff gets thrown at teenagers, so many questions bubble round…

God gets a raw deal in our culture, with so many misunderstandings flying around, so much ‘trying to make it simple’ when the big questions never are. On The Other Hand is a group where all these big questions can be explored, where we engage with God,
and think about what the Christian message really brings to our lives – all with games, activities and discussions. Andrea comes to Fallibroome  every Wednesday lunchtime - join her, and you may be in for some unexpected insights.

Just turn up! It's Wednesday lunchtime in room D2 at Fallibrome High School.

If you’d like to know more about any of these activities talk to the school or call Andrea on 07586 358610 or email her on youthminister@