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Young Church



Children are an essential part of Godʼs family and they are warmly welcomed at all our churches. There are also opportunities for them to learn (and play) in ways that suit their age the best. At St Peterʼs we have a range of groups for all ages, which are held during the 10.00am service.


For tiny ones: 0-3 ish.
We meet in the Bubbles room for toys, games, and a story and activity session run by the Bubbles Team. Parents are always welcome to stay with their children. However if your child is happy to stay by themselves please feel free to go back into the service and a leader will come and find you if your child is at all unsettled. If you decide to stay in Bubbles, we encourage everyone to join in with the activities.
Bubbles leave the service with young church and return for communion.
Children normally move up to Squiggles from Bubbles at some point in their Nursery Year.


A little bigger: Nursery Year – 6 ish
Squiggles meets in the Norman Chapel. Squiggles is a little more grown up than Bubbles and children will experience different activities, games, craft and some worship within their session. Squiggles are bouncy and enthusiastic!
If your child is worried you are most welcome to come out with them until they get used to what happens. Squiggles leave for their session with Young Church and are brought back into the service by their leaders in time to be with their family for Communion.

Young church runs during the 10am Service, on the first, third, fourth (and fifth) Sundays, during term time.
The second Sunday is a family service, in which all children can participate – and the Bubbles room is always open for children 4 and under if necessary.


Growing up: 6 ish – 8
Splash meets in Swanwick House for a mixture of activities, including craft, games and discussion. They are encouraged not just to learn the facts of their faith but also start to work out some of the implications of being Christian for daily life. A small but lively and fun group.


Seriously old: 9 (Yr 4) – end primary
Xstream are the cool dudes of Young Church. The material is very grown up, there are some serious discussions and serious fun. There can be some tricky questions asked but usually a great time is had by all.

There are activities which we do altogether as a group and then special stuff for the boys and girls separately. At present, Xstream meets in the Parish Office in Swanwick House. Come check us out!

Pram service

This is an informal service for mothers with babies and very young children, followed by an opportunity to socialise over refreshments. It is held at 10:15am on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month in term time.

Young church member ©: Ilian

Young church member ©: Ilian

Young church member ©: Ilian