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The birth of a child is often a time when we are most aware of the mystery of creation. A unique new life with all the promise and potential that each one holds; a time of rejoicing and thanksgiving.

As we bring our children for baptism, we are acknowledging God’s love for us, and offering him our faith, our thanks and our trust in Jesus Christ. At baptism we welcome the child to become one with the family of God, now and forever.

Whom do we baptise?

All who live in the parish may be baptised at St Peter’s*. And even if you don’t it can be possible, provided both vicars – St Peter’s and your own parish vicar – are happy to make this arrangement.

What happens first?

Come to a service at St Peter’s with your child or baby. The Fanily Service on the 2nd Sunday of the month may be the most ‘child-friendly’, but all are welcome at any service. After the service, ask for a form to fill in – the Vicar or minister will be able to give you one. Then take or send the form to the Parish Office.

and then...

You will be invited to come to the vicarage for two preparation meetings with the Vicar. These are relaxed and friendly occasions – and are for both parents, without the baby. Here we’ll explore the meaning of baptism, as well as making all the arrangements necessary, such as date and time.

Lighting the baptism candle ©: Ilian

Most baptisms take place within the mid-morning 10am service on the 4th Sunday of the month, but it may be possible to arrange a different time if that would suit you better.

Child with baptismal candle ©: Ilian

*We also baptise at St John’s Adlington and the Church of the Resurrection Upton Priory."

Baby being baptised ©: Ilian