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Confirmation is the service at which those to be confirmed proclaim their commitment to Christ and the Bishop lays hands on and prays for each candidate, confirming their Christian faith.

What does it mean?

Depending on their journey of faith to confirmation it will mean different things to different candidates.

- You were baptized as an infant and brought up within the Church.
- You were baptized as a baby but drifted away from faith and have now returned as an adult and want to renew your commitment to Christ.
- You were not baptized as a baby and have come to faith in Christ. Confirmation accompanies Baptism usually the two are either part of the same service or close together in time. Occasionally for pastoral reasons there may, with the Bishops permission, be a period of time between the two.
- You are joining the Church of England from another denomination


Preparation for Confirmation

The confirmation service is preceded by a period of preparation, preparation for young people and adults is undertaken separately and preparation group content is tailored to the needs of the particular group.

At St Peter’s the majority of our confirmation candidates are adults.

For dates of the next confirmation date please visit the Spiritual Growth page.

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