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Marriage is both a glorious, joyful celebration, and a deep, solemn commitment. Making your vows before God in church expresses both these aspects most profoundly.

The sacrament of marriage also recognises that, created in the loving image of God, it is our essential nature to love. In marriage two people come together to express this love, with thanks, reverence and delight.

Independent research found that nine out of ten people say that:
• Marriage boosts happiness
• Marriage provides more and better sex
Christians believe:
• That marriage is a gift from God.
• Marriage can change us for the better, and as we change, our marriage grows along with us.
• A good marriage is healthy, freeing and life-giving
More from the Church of England's helpful site here.

Who may marry here?

Getting married is about putting down roots, and for some it is also going back to them. Everyone who has a historical connection with the parish – through parents or even grandparents – may marry here, as well as those who live in the parish. Furthermore, all those who worship with us and are on our electoral roll are able to marry here too.

What do we do first?

Call Judith at the Parish Office to arrange a ‘wedding surgery’ meeting with the Vicar. He will be able to confirm if you may marry here, and will do his best to give you the date you want for your wedding. There needs to be at least a 2 hour gap between each wedding, and some days get very busy, so it’s best to do this as soon as you’re able.

What can we decide?

Most couples prefer the marriage service from Common Worship, but it is possible to use the traditional Prayer Book. You can discuss this with the Vicar.

St Peter’s has two excellent choirs, a fine organ, and a great team of bellringers. You may book any or all of these. It is also possible to have the candles lit in three magnificent chandeliers in the nave and sanctuary.

As well as the main churches, a small wedding may be held at our ancient Norman Chapel. It seats around 30 people.

Weekday weddings may be arranged, but it is not always possible to provide a choir, though we do our best to have bellringers.

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A wedding at St Peter’s with full choir, organ, bells and candles currently costs around £1000.

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© Beverley Foster photography Tel 01538 386403

Dates for your Diary:

Marriage Matters:

Life after the Wedding:


Further dates to be decided

Bride and groom

Final details - Marriage Matters

In Spring you will be invited to a morning in church to discuss the format of the ceremony, listen to hymns and anthems that may be sung at your wedding, and ask any questions you may still have. This is discussed at the "Marriage Matters" morning. Couples planning to marry this year should contact Paula Farrell to inform her on which day they would like to attend.

If you are not marrying in your ‘home’ church, we do stress that your marriage banns must be read there too.

The Church of England provides a very helpful interactive Wedding Planner which you can find by clicking here.


Your happy future - Life after the Wedding

We also invite you to Life after the Wedding, a day that explores some of the ways relationships work – how we communicate, deal with conflict, how we may grow together, as well as looking at such things as finance and the impact of children. You’ll meet other couples who are marrying here, and have a chance to discuss things in groups as well as together. But this is primarily a day of peace and reflection – and a lot of fun – focused on the two of you.

If you have any queries after the wedding surgery please contact Paula Farrell – wedding clerk – who will guide you throughout the process. (01625 828747) Or you may call the Parish Office.