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Growing closer to God, and to each other



Whether you come to church regularly or are still wondering if this is for you, most of us have questions about God. What does it mean to be fully alive? What is our relationship with God? And Jesus? Why does suffering exist? What do we really believe?

Maybe you’ve felt like questioning a preacher halfway through a sermon – we all have!

Questions are important. Ultimately it’s the big questions that really matter, that make us who we are. At every stage of our lives they may be different, but every stage also gives us chances to explore, and to deepen our understanding. What follows are just a few of these opportunities – house groups, Bible study, Alpha, Lent groups and confirmation preparation.


If you’d like to know more about any of these groups, please talk to anyone in the Ministry team.

Or for Alpha and confirmation, please call the Vicar, Patrick (Angier) on 829288 or email:

Or you can call Judith at the Parish Office (827625) who is always happy to help with any information.

House group leaders

House groups take place in different parts of Prestbury and Upton Priory, both in evenings and in daytime. They are currently led by Sue Hawkins, Avril Ravenscroft, Helen Howe and Keith Ravenscroft.

House Group Leaders

Informal discussion

House groups

House groups are warm, informal groups who meet regularly, that give us the space to grow, explore and to enjoy each other’s company. They’re times for discovery and discussion – opportunities for us to ask the questions we can’t so easily in church and to share the things that puzzle us.

Groups share central material, or explore the areas that particularly engage us. Recent subjects have been looking at the Creed, what theology is and why it matters, what atheists believe, the problem of suffering and evil, and the intersection between science and religion.


Bible study

Running alongside house groups, everyone is welcome to join Patrick at the vicarage to explore scripture. No comment-aries, no homework (!) but a chance to look afresh at God’s word.

These are held on the first Tuesday of each month – not clashing with house groups.

Alpha course

If you’re fairly new to church, if you feel you’re near the beginning of your faith, or even if you’re not sure you believe in God at all, Alpha is for you. It’s a course for everyone who wants to explore life’s big questions, and who is curious to know more about Christianity. These evenings involve a simple meal, a talk, and plenty of time for discussion.


Lent groups

During Lent around fifty of us meet to explore an aspect of our faith. Sometimes with DVDs –such as Rob Bell’s The gods aren’t angry–or with the Ministry team leading talks and discussion.
In 2015 St Peter’s joined with the Methodists for a series of evenings exploring some of the different ways in which we encounter God – an infinitely large subject, which was both uplifting and challenging. In 2016 there were two Lent Groups held at the recently opened St Peter's Rooms. The afternoon group followed a C of E couse entitled "Pilgrim: the Lord's Prayer" and the evening group discussed  "The Prayer Course: Peter Greig".

Confirmation preparation

We hold these regularly for anyone who is thinking about being confirmed. Most people go ahead with confirmation, but there is no pressure to do so if it doesn’t feel right for you – the time for learning and discussion will help you clarify your thoughts and grow closer to where you’re meant to be.

When known, future Confirmation dates will be added to the live calendar feed above and in Special Services, or contact the Vicar (see blue box on this page)..