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Thoughts from the Vicar



Sunday 22nd March
Mothering Sunday

It is with a very heavy heart that we have followed the Church of England’s decision to suspend public worship at St Peter’s. This year is the 800th anniversary of the building of St Peter’s church and throughout that time public worship has never been suspended (1208 was the last time). Church is challenged and changed but we will continue to pray and to provide pastoral care and worship resources for individuals and families.

St Peter’s Church Building

Is open for personal prayer each day. If others are praying, please keep a couple of metres separation. The votive candle stand remains in use, as does the prayer tree. We will be adding additional appropriate prayer resources in the coming weeks. The ministry team will continue to pray the daily office each weekday at 9.00am either in St Peter’s Rooms or at home, using the Daily Prayer app. How to access Daily Prayer is in the resource section of this worship sheet. We will be including all the prayer tree prayer requests in daily prayer on Tuesdays.

Sunday Worship

Inside the worship sheet is an act of worship for individuals, couples and families. On Sunday morning at 10.00am we can all share in this act of worship together.


This is the first of the new style worship sheets. From next week we hope to send it out electronically to the whole church and hopefully have everyone’s email address. Where we know people do not have the facility to receive it electronically a paper copy will be delivered (under stringent guidelines). Information will be available on the Church notice boards both at the front and inside church.

Pastoral Care

Many of the traditional elements of pastoral care: home and hospital visits, home communion, prayer and laying on of hands or with anointing are no longer possible. Phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook messages, what’s app groups will be taking their place. Traditional care was about mediating the love of God through the pastoral work and the new approaches will seek to do the same. We have gathered a whole congregation list as best we can and will be communicating with everyone in the days ahead.

Practical Help

Many congregation members who are not in at-risk groups have volunteered to help in any way they can. Some are involved in the Prestbury Village Facebook street support scheme which now covers the vast majority of the village. Needs are going to change as the weeks progress and a team of helpers ready to respond to these needs will be an invaluable resource as we Seek to Live out the Love of God in all we do...


Worship sheet

The Worship sheet is on our under-construction website.


The Newsletter is also on our under-construction website.

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