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Worship: something for everyone -



Updated times and worship style

Churches are living, breathing communities and in recent years, it is not just the buildings that have changed, so have the congregations and so has the desired style of worship.

Choral Worship at 6 pm, Combined Worship at 10 am

One notable change is that those who enjoy choral worship, with four-part choir, canticles and psalms have over the years made their Spiritual home in the evening at the 6.00pm service. This is also the service which has the largest choir. Ten years ago, the Evensong choir and congregation was small enough to fit in the choir pews and averaged around thirty; now it averages in the high forties. Another change is the development of the worship band to lead sung worship and the use of digital projection for hymns, liturgy and sermon illustrations.

Following a period of consultation, it has been decided that there will be one main morning service at 10.00am (8.30am and 6.00pm are unchanged) the two exceptions to this are: Easter Sunday 9.30am & 11.00am; and Remembrance Sunday 9.30am & 10.45am when the combined total number of worshippers won't fit in the building together.

Classically shaped, contemporarily delivered

The new 10.00am will be classically shaped and contemporarily delivered. Every Sunday either at 10.00am or 6pm there will be a Common Worship Holy Communion but they will not all be the same.


Family service, a shorter service where the children stay in church for the whole service, continues on the second Sunday of the month. However, there are a number of special Sundays throughout the year, for example St George's Day, St Peter's Day, Youth Sunday which are also going to be family services. Watch out for further details nearer the time.

Baptisms in the morning will be Baptism with Holy Communion.

There are things, sadly, that have been popular on a Sunday morning that are being relocated. Cafe Church will now be on the Third Thursday of the month gathering at 9.30am with worship starting at 10.15am.

New Sanctuary on the first Sunday of the month at 7.45pm in the evening provides opportunity for those who want a more charismatic contemporary worship experience.

Hospital services and home communion

We also lead worship apart from in the church.

Each month we lead worship at St Luke's Chapel, Macclesfield hospital and take Holy Communion to people who are housebound, either permanently or temporarily.

Please talk to a member of the ministry team if you know someone who might want this.