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5th Sunday 10:00am



Every three months, there’s a fifth Sunday, and when that happens, we’ll have only one mid-morning service in St Peter's at 10.00am.

This is an opportunity for those who usually attend the service at 9.45am or the service at 11.00am to come to worship together and perhaps meet new friends.

Services may include worship styles used at either of the morning services held on the first four Sundays and others such as Celtic Communion.

Music may involve the Music Group, Girls' Choir and the Adult Choir, and include modern worship songs and settings as well as traditional hymns, canticles and anthems.

It's an opportunity to experiance worship in different ways than you may normally choose.

There are many ways to approach God – each style offers its own distinct voice. What matters is that we’re able to engage, and to worship. Perhaps the best way to find out which you prefer is to give them all a try. Come and see!. 

Family worship

See "The Next Four Weeks" for more details if there is a 5th Sunday

Celtic Cross






Choir & Clergy Procession

Church Nave from the Ringers Chamber