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Sunday 8.30am



The 8:30am communion is St Peter’s at its most timeless and tranquil. Through the breaking of bread and the sharing of wine, supported by the ancient and treasured words of the Book of Common Prayer or the spiritual freshness of Common Worship.

This service is held in the atmospherinc space of the "Norman Chapel" reached along the paths on the south side of St Peter's Church.

All are welcome to join the faithful core of worshippers as they share their first conversation of the day – with God. In a place that has been dedicated to transformation and to holy things since our church’s foundation, back in the 12th Century.

Lecturn Bible ©: Ilian

The Orders of Service used are:

Order 1 traditiuonal language

Order 2 traditional language

Order 1 contemporary language

 Breaking Communion bread ©: Ilian

Pouring Communion wine  ©: IlianChalice ©: Ilian