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June 27th News and Worship

Vicar's Thoughts

This Sunday is Celebration Sunday, and there are good things happening.
The only Service of the day is 10.30am at St Peter's
We will be gathering outside at the west end (village end of Church), the area will be decorated with flowers, balloons and there will be great hymns of praise from across the 800 years that St Peter's has stood.
We can sing because we are outside!
There will be chairs set up in Covid safe socially-distanced groupings but there will also be space for people to set up their own chairs or lay out picnic blankets to sit on. I would encourage those who are able to bring their own chairs. There will be shakers and wavers for the children and both the choir and the music group will be leading our worship.
We will be joined by our friends from the Methodist Church.
Just-Ice are serving ice creams after the Service. These free for children who have been at the service, adults present will have to purchase!

Screenshot 2020-05-26 Layout 1snow 5prayer candle

It has been a very different 800th year to the one we imagined or planned, and the challenges are not yet over, but we know even in the darkest valley nothing can separate us from God's love .

Financial Gifts

Someone said to me the other day, 'Patrick you never talk about money in services' and so this is the exception that proves the rule.
As we lift up our voices on Sunday, we will also be inviting those who would like to, to make a financial offering of thanks and praise. There are many different reasons to make a financial gift to Church at this time:

  •     Some as a gift of thanks to God for all the blessings they have received from Him.

  •     Some as thanks for the love and care Church has provided over the last year.

  •     Some to share what has accumulated un-spent during the pandemic.

  •     Some to bless the future work of the Church.

  •     Some to maintain and protect St Peter's fabric and heritage.

Some have already offered or made generous gifts to bless God's work in this place. Do think and pray about what you could give. If you would like to give by cheque, it should be made payable to St Peter's Prestbury PCC and if you have a particular area of Church you would like to fund please let us know. Gifts by bank card can be made using one of the GoodBox card readers. Bank notes, or coins from the children, can be placed in the buckets.

To make a bank transfer please use the account:
"Prestbury Parochial Church Council", sort code 01-05-41, account number 02676931.
If you wish to gift aid any donations please contact the Recorder, Pauline Rhoades in the office (01625 827625) who will provide the relevant form.

It would be wonderful to cover or more than cover the loss of income experienced due to Covid. If you are unable to be with us on Sunday but would like to make a gift, these can be put through the Parish office letterbox.

This Week's Worship   

Sunday 10.30am Morning Worship at St Peter's

Wednesday 10.30am Holy Communion at  St Peter's

This Week's Diary

The Church Office is open from 9.00am to 12noon, Monday to Friday.


9.00am         Morning Prayer Zoom Code 503 346 024, Password 793684  


10.30am       Holy Communion, St Peter's


9.00am         Morning Prayer, Zoom Code 859 930 994
10.30am       Holy Dusters, St Peter's


10.00am -12noon Private Prayer, St Peter's  

Looking Ahead

Sunday 4th July Archbishop of Canterbury's Thanksgiving Sunday 

Worship Resources 

Fourth Sunday After Trinity


Worship Services for Sunday 27th June








Morning Worship

St Peter's



Jim L
Helen B

Sunday Bible Readings

For use with Worship at Home booklet and reflection.
Acts 12:1-11
Luke 5:1-11
Psalm 125

Sunday Hymns


10.30am Morning Worship

Jesus Christ is risen today
My Lighthouse
Lo He comes
All people that on earth do dwell
10,000 reasons
Great is Thy faithfulness
To God be the glory

Fun Challenge

We are celebrating 800 years of worship at St Peter's. Without using google (!) which Century or even which year were each of today's hymns written in?


O God, the protector of all who trust in you,
without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy:
increase and multiply upon us your mercy;
that with you as our ruler and guide
we may so pass through things temporal
that we lose not our hold on things eternal;
grant this, heavenly Father,
for our Lord Jesus Christ’s sake,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Gracious Father,
by the obedience of Jesus
you brought salvation to our wayward world:
draw us into harmony with your will,
that we may find all things restored in him,
our Saviour Jesus Christ.


Prayer focus this week

The focus this week is on mental health and well being: like icebergs the majority of the suffering is below the surface, unseen and often not talked about. Let us pray for the provision of good services and let us pray for all who have mental illness and for families struggling to understand.

Prayers could be put into action with acts of kindness, love and support and a letter to David, our MP, encouraging him to advocate for Government action.

Those who have asked for prayerprayer b3

Ian Northcott
Sheila Griffiths
Paul Nadin Salter
Tony Mackenzie
Freda Clowes
Sylvia Redfern
Jennifer Hill
Alan Hayward

Those who have died

Elizabeth Briggs 

Prayers from  yesterday, for today

Almighty God
who inspired your apostle St Peter
to confess Jesus as Christ and Son of the living God
build up your church upon this rock
that in unity and peace it may proclaim one truth
and follow one Lord, your son our Saviour Christ
who is alive and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit
one God, now and forever.Amen
Collect for St Peter's Day



Church Family News


The CoRe Food Pantry

Staff and volunteers at the Pantry this week have been busy rearranging to take into consideration the (hopefully) relaxation of social distancing next month. This is the beginning of making the Pantry a permanent fixture and having a set-up which allows volunteers to simply top up the shelves and have a tidy up after Pantry Sessions. This would also give more room and time to provide further services for our members, such as a cafe, cooking classes and education in finance. There is much ahead and it seems that major steps have been made from our food-box humble, but necessary beginnings!
If you would like to make a donation to the Food Pantry via Bankuet, the link below will take you directly to our page. Thank you for your ongoing support!
Monique Angier