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August 22nd & 29th News and Worship

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During August all editions of St Peter's News and Worship are double issues - this edition takes us to the end of the school holidays and to the start of the new term.
In addition to the regular prayer and worship resources there are details of the new patterns of worship for the autumn, further thoughts on addressing anxiety and opportunities to be involved and volunteer. Enjoy!

Vicar's Thoughts

When will the pandemic be over? This is a question I've been asked numerous times, accompanied often by a second question, When will things be back to normal?
There are a variety of potential answers to these questions: One answer would be the pandemic is over when no one is hospitalised or dies of Covid-19 or when the last long Covid patient has recovered; alternatively, it might be over when the government lifts the last guideline/regulation or perhaps it's over when someone says it is! It may be that for many whose  families, jobs and lives have been devastated, it may never feel like it is over. None of these answers, however, are very helpful as we plan and prepare for our autumn services and programme of Church activity. Possibly a better answer to the first question might be that the pandemic could be considered over when the number of Covid hospitalisations and deaths are no greater than for any of the other respiratory infections.
When will things be back to normal?  As to this question, things do not go back they go forward.
A fun challenge would be to list on a piece of paper as many Biblical examples as you can of God leading his people into new situations, new places, new understandings, etc. Even when it looks like his people are going back after the exile, God promises a new Spirit and a new heart, a new normal.
We are in an in-between time with the pandemic. At present, numbers are not quite low enough for the pandemic to be over but not high enough (especially amongst the double vaccinated) to delay offering a full programme of Church activity in the autumn and this will be reflected in how things start back. The pattern of services and timetable for the resumption of groups and activities after the summer are detailed below but should there be a significant change in the shape of the pandemic, services and activities will change appropriately.

Autumn Worship

From the start of September the pattern of worship will be as outlined below. There will no longer be a traffic light system in operation, but those who still want to wear a mask or be socially-distanced will continue to be encouraged to sit on the South side of the main aisle. We will continue to not use the Norman Chapel for Sunday or Wednesday worship until everyone is comfortable without their masks in Services.

After service refreshments will return on Wednesdays from the start of September. As for refreshments on a Sunday, hopefully we will have gathered volunteers and a new rota will be in operation by the start of October.

Children are welcome at all services: there will be Young Church on the first Sunday, Family Service on the second Sunday and Breakfast Church on the third Sunday, all make different and special provisions for our children and families.

Sunday at St Peter's


8.30am Holy Communion

A weekly early morning service of Communion, in St Peter's, using the traditional Book of Common Prayer service.

9.30am Breakfast Church

On the third Sunday of the month, this special service in St Peter's Rooms for families with children provides an opportunity to worship together in an informal Cafe-Style and enjoy hot or cold family breakfast.

10.30am main Morning Worship

These Services are accompanied by the music group, song words are on the screen and the Services will be live streamed on our YouTube channel.

First Sunday      Holy Communion with Young Church
Second Sunday  Family Service
Third Sunday     Holy Communion
Fourth Sunday  Baptism
Fifth Sunday      Holy Communion

4.30pm Choral or Sung Evensong

These Cathedral-style Services are supported by our Church choir with traditional Prayer Book words and familiar hymns. The Service will be streamed live on the Church YouTube channel.

First and Third Sunday         
Choral Evensong, the Choir sing the canticles and responses to a setting
Second and fourth Sunday
Sung Evensong, the Choir and congregation sing the responses and canticles to Anglican chant
Fifth Sunday                      
Holy Communion, celebrated at the east end of Church using the Book of Common Prayer Service order

7.00pm Sanctuary

A reflective contemporary worship experience in St Peter's Rooms.
First Sunday: The Worship Lounge
Fourth Sunday: Sanctuary Agape, A simple meal and service based upon the earliest Christian worship, reshaped for a contemporary context.

Sunday at the Church of the Resurrection (Upton Priory)


10.00am Morning Service

First Sunday; Family Service
Second and Fourth Sundays: Holy Communion
Third Sunday: Morning Worship
Fifth Sunday: Celebration Sunday

12noon Mission Worship

A range of worship services to reach out to families, groups and individuals contacted through the different Church projects and initiatives on the estate.

Sunday at St John's (Adlington)


11.00am second Sunday Morning Worship


Midweek Worship at St Peter's

Wednesday 10.30am Holy Communion
Thursday 10.15am Pram Service (Second and Fourth Thursdays starting October)

Church Family News


Wild Church comes inside!wild in 1

Unlike in the cricket, rain didn't stop play with last week's Wild Church, instead it came inside. For those who were unable to share in the celebration there are some pictures of a wild St Peter's to brighten up this weeks newsletter. 

Norman Chapel, open on Sundays in August

Throughout August, the Norman Chapel will be open every Sunday from around 10.00am, being locked again at approximately 5.00pm.
This beautiful, prayerful and contemplative space is available for everyone to visit, but we would ask that respect is paid to those who wish to be quiet or to pray.
Visitors will also be able to view the Saxon Cross which is to the right of the door as you enter.
The main St Peter’s building will not be open for private prayer on Fridays during August.

Anyone for coffee?

Of all the “normal” things about post-pandemic church the one most “normal” of all is being able to have coffee after the service!
We will resume coffee after Holy Communion on Wednesday 1st September, and this is already in hand.
We aim to start serving coffee on Sunday 3rd October after the 10.30am service.
We will need 2 people each Sunday to make coffees and teas, serve them and wash up afterwards. If you haven’t used our kitchen before we can give you full training (and tips on the dishwasher!)
Let Anne know (07999 862 035) if you would like to help or put your name on the list at the back of church. Let’s help things feel NORMAL again!

Pram Servicepram service

Pram Service begins again this Autumn! it has been a long time since we met with our under fives to worship, have fun and share in telling God's Story. Our littlest worshippers are now much older!
In anticipation of Pram Service beginning we will have a meeting for all under fives and their chosen grown ups on Thursday 23rd September at 9.45am in St Peter's. Come along, share in a coffee and have a chat about the excitement to come. Looking forward to seeing you!
Beverley Angier


St John's News ad bap

The St John's Coffee Shop is open at weekends through the summer and if you haven't yet called in it's well worth a visit. This last weekend the conversation over coffee and cakes on Sunday afternoon was all about the wonderful Baptism service in the morning. Hopefully the first of many special services as St John's reaches out into its community. Why not follow them on their Facebook page?

Feeling anxious? Don’t be surprised!

We’ve been through a lot haven’t we? From the creeping uncertainty of the rumours coming out of China in the first months of 2019 to this summer as we try to deal with the reality of a new sort of normal. Twenty months of ups and downs, worries about parents and about children, loneliness, anxiety about getting shopping, getting a vaccination, getting a test, home schooling, jobs, money, fear of illness, grief for those we have lost. And just plain shock at the strangeness of the world. As many worries as we might experience in a lifetime have been concentrated into these few months. Despite encouragement to embrace being back to normal it is not always so easy.
Anxiety and fear have profound effects on both our bodies and our brains. This ‘fight or flight’ mechanism is a life-saving phenomenon and nothing to be ashamed of, but it can take a while to feel restored to normal when anxiety has been a continuous thing (20 months and counting). Our nervous systems become hyper-vigilant; because we have been using the parts of the brain connected with anxiety so much, all the relevant neural pathways and blood supply are in full working order so an anxious response can be easily triggered.
We will all find our way again. Take things slowly, be kind to yourself. Don’t expect too much too soon. One step at a time.
As we start to renew our friendships face to face once more, we can compare our lockdown experiences, swap anecdotes, share stories of upset and pain, sympathise with one another, encourage one another and laugh too – it is documented* that this is how we can together recover and build healing and health, in community with one another.
During the autumn St Peter’s will be able to offer time and space for us to build our family and community back together again through the simple act of chatting and listening to one another. We are all on a journey that will take some time, but God is beside us. Keep in mind what Patrick quoted in the last newsletter: 
When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overwhelm you; when you walk through fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you.
Isaiah 43
If you want to talk about this do give me a ring.
Anne Stirling Pastoral Worker
07999 862 035

Are you interested in maintaining a 400 year old tradition?

Bellringing is a 400 year old English tradition. It does not require strength, just skill. patience, enthusiasm and the ability to climb stairs!
There will be a Tower "Open-Day" on Sunday 29 August from 1.30 - 3.30pm.
For details call Graham Jenkins on 07840 468688 or St Peter's Parish Office on 01625 827625 or email
Graham Jenkins

Situations Vacant

Would you like to be more involved in an area in church life but  have wondered who to speak to find out more. Below are some possible areas and who to talk to: as they say in Strictly these are "in no particular order".

Reading a lesson - Avril Ravenscroft 01625 820041
Ringing the bells - Graham Jenkins 07840 468688
Playing in Music Group - Andrew Burr 07764 254977
Leading Intercessions - Patrick Angier 01625 829288
Making coffee on Sunday - Anne Stirling 07999 862035
Singing in Choir - Andrew Burr 07764 254977
Helping in Young Church - Kathryn Lappin 07859 049586
Home Communion - Anne Stirling 07999 862035
Graveyard volunteering - Steve Hill 
Social justice concern - Kate Collins
Leading a small group - Beverley Angier 01625 829288
Helping with Pram Service - Beverley Angier 01625 829288
Sound desk & Live Stream -  Patrick Angier 01625 829288
Website support - Avril Ravenscroft 01625 820041 

This Fortnight's Diarywild in 6

The Church Office is open from Monday to Friday 9.00am to noon


10.30am Holy Communion, St Peter's.


10.30am Holy Dusters, St Peter's.

Worship Resources


Twelfth Sunday After Trinity

Worship Services for Sunday 22nd August








  Holy Communion Service 






Holy Baptism
St Peter's





Sunday 22nd August Bible Readingswild in 4

For use with Worship at Home booklet and reflection.
Ephesians 6:10-20
Matthew 13: 1-9

Psalm 84

Collects for The Twelfth Sunday after Trinity

Almighty and everlasting God,
you are always more ready to hear than we to pray
and to give more than either we desire or deserve:
pour down upon us the abundance of your mercy,
forgiving us those things of which our conscience is afraid
and giving us those good things
which we are not worthy to ask
but through the merits and mediation
of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


God of constant mercy,
who sent your Son to save us:
remind us of your goodness,
increase your grace within us,
that our thankfulness may grow,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thirteenth Sunday After Trinity

 Worship Services for Sunday 29th August 








 Holy Communion 





Morning Worship

St Peter's






Sunday 29th August Bible Readingswild in 5

For use with Worship at Home booklet and reflection.
James 1:17-end
Mark 7:1-8,14-23
Psalm 45

Collects for The Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity 

Almighty God,
who called your Church to bear witness
that you were in Christ reconciling the world to yourself:
help us to proclaim the good news of your love,
that all who hear it may be drawn to you;
through him who was lifted up on the cross,
and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Almighty God,
you search us and know us:
may we rely on you in strength
and rest on you in weakness,
now and in all our days;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



Prayer focus this week

The prayer focus is for all those who are away on holiday that they would find refreshment, renewal and relaxation.

Those who have asked for prayer

Ian Northcott
Frank and Sheila Griffiths
Margaret Brown
Tony Mackenzie
Alan Hayward

Those who have died

Roger Waring
Paul Nadin Salter
Jean Pashley
David Briggs
George Parker