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September 19th News and Worship 


To a packed edition of news and worship. As church gets back into full swing there is much happening and information and details can be found in the Church News section, while the worship and prayer resources are at the end of the newsletter.

Vicar's Thoughts

Are there fish in the river? One of the blessings of life on Northmead has been having the river at the bottom of the garden and watching it rise and fall, slow and then surge  with the rain. There is joy in seeing the Kingfisher and the Heron hunting in their different ways, listening to the quacking of the mother ducks as they try to re-gather their ducklings or watching the moorhens going in and out along the bank opposite. But apart from the occasional 'tiddler' caught by the Kingfisher or spotted on a sunny day, there has been no sign of any fish. But then, on one warm summer evening, there was a splash! and then another, and the river was alive with fish.
Jesus called his followers to be fishers of people. Are there people in the river of life asking questions or wondering about the Christian faith? We might assume that, as I had with the fish in the river, that they are sadly absent. However, at the right time and under the right conditions, they may be drawn out from their usual habitat. Perhaps now, when questions of life death and eternity are on many people's minds, is the time to ask folks if they would like to come to church, or if they would like to join a small group to explore faith, and maybe, if you're brave, if they would like to come to dinner with you, talk about Christian faith and what that faith means for you.
Jesus said to Peter, 'cast your net on the other side' and when Peter did he caught such a net-full that the boat was nearly overturned. Now seems a great time to follow suit, to cast our net on the other side of the boat, and perhaps like Peter we will be pleasantly surprised.

Church Family News

Something new! Wednesday soup lunches!

Starting in October, everyone who has attended our Wednesday service of Holy Communion will be invited to a simple soup lunch in St Peter’s Rooms once a month. We hope this will extend the feeling of friendship and welcome that is already present at coffee after this service and will give people the chance to talk and mingle for a longer time.
We would also love to be able to bring people to this service and monthly lunch who are struggling to make it to church because of lack of mobility or transport problems.
Some planning is already underway and the dates of the soup lunches for the rest of 2021 are:
Wednesday 20th October
Wednesday 17th November
Wednesday 15th December 

What we need
Soup makers – if you would like to offer your soup making skills, please let Carolyn know (01625 820203)
Drivers – if you could from time to time offer a lift to the service (starting 10.30am) and lunch, to someone who is stuck at home please let Anne know (07999 862 035)

Mothers' Union starts up again!

Here are the dates for our Mothers’ Union meetings which are starting face to face again:

Monday 11th October
Monday 8th November
Monday 13th December
Meetings are held in St Peter’s Rooms and start at 2pm.
We always start our meetings with worship, followed by a speaker or activity and then tea and time to chat.
We will be joined by our Methodist and Roman Catholic friends, and all denominations and genders are very welcome.

New streaming and mixing desk
Stream pic

You may have seen the new wooden desk on the purple carpet area. Three kind and very generous donations have enabled us to relocate and upgrade our AV equipment. The purpose is to enable us to continue and improve our streaming capacity as we seek to offer hybrid worship as people self-isolate and others are unable to worship in the building.
The new equipment and location has many advantages: the digital sound mixer means we can have different mixes of the sound in church, through the hearing loop, on the live-stream and on the fold back. The digital mixer has presets so pressing one button sets everything for a particular service (watching all the sliders move and set is amazing!).
As our system is now completely digital, there is the capacity for the system to, when necessary, be conveniently controlled by the Clergy from the stall via an ipad as we have seen at some of the Cathedrals the choir have visited in the past. In addition, our streaming system is much simpler now and can be started, stopped and camera positions changed from a simple push-button control. All of this locks away, and this means that security is no longer a barrier to the reopening of Church during the day.
If you think you might like to volunteer as a sound team trainee, please get in touch as there openings as we look to expand the team. You will be welcomed with open arms!

Growing in Faith

One of the benefits of the pandemic has been the exponential growth of activities available on-line. No longer is geography or travel a barrier to participation exploring and growing in our Christian faith is no exception. Below are some opportunities to do so.

Cathedral Theology Network

Lichfield and Chichester Cathedrals have recently launched the Cathedral Theology Network.  They will be running online courses starting in October on a variety of topics, and if anyone is interested and would like to talk about the idea I’d be glad to hear from them 
I will plan to start with the course on Understanding the Church of England.  

Val Goss  

EfM - Exploring Faith Matters

This Saturday morning St Peter's is hosting the EfM annual convention and we are delighted to welcome Andrew Rudd (poet in residence at Manchester Cathedral) as our speaker.
What's EfM I hear you ask? Exploring Faith Matters in the UK is a network of small groups dedicated to enabling lay people discuss faith and learn together, throughout the year. Each group (which meets on zoom weekly) is led by a trained mentor who will enable discussion to take place based on reading done by the participants, along with their own experiences, reflections and stories from everyday life. If you are interested you can find our more on hhtps:// or contact me for a chat. There are spaces to join a group this Autumn and I will be co-mentoring the Hale group. Let's, as Val says above, channel our enthusiasm and thankfulness as the world opens up, to take up something new!
Beverley Angier

Pram Servicepram service

It seems such a long time since Pram Service met in Church twice a month for singing, fun and sharing in the telling of God's story! Pram Service is due to begin again in October and in preparation for this, there will be a short gathering for parents, grandparents and carers of preschool children (children welcome too!) in St Peter's rooms to discuss what will be happening as Pram Service restarts, to meet each other and to ask any questions they may have.
So, spread the word to anyone you may know who has/ or cares for a preschool child and let them know. Thursday 23rd September at 9.45 - 10.30am in St Peter's Rooms.

Beverley Angier 

St John's Pop-up Coffee Shop on the Map and part of the Tour

It took some negotiating, however we (St John’s that is) agreed with the British Cycling Federation for a stage of the 2021 Tour of Britain to pass down Brookledge Lane and our Church, consequently we opened up for a couple of hours and took £130. As a kind gesture l bought the President a coffee but he had to purchase his own cake! 
The big plus was yet again St John’s being at the heart of our community bringing folks together. It's not just for those on two wheels, if you walk the Middlewood Way or along the canal on a weekend? Or take a drive along the back ways through Adlington on weekend afternoons? If you like first class coffee and excellent home-made cakes? Or are you are just looking for somewhere to go then why not drop in to the pop-up coffee shop at St John's? Pick up a cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate and don't forget that piece of homemade cake!



Thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of the sunflowers they planted at Wild Church. Please keep sending them in and we will include them in the week before Harvest's newsletter.

Coming Soonwork party 5

Not the latest James Bond movie or Mission Impossible outing, far more exciting than either of those. If battling with nettles, felling mighty brambles, cutting back overgrown branches, strimming trimming, mowing and eating bacon butties is in your skill set then the churchyard work party is for you. Watch this space for news of the release date.

Thank You

The congregation and the P.C.C. at the Church of the Resurrection were delighted recently to join together in a gift of appreciation which was presented to Andrea at the end of a service. As you can see it was a big surprise to Andrea and she still has her face mask on.
Andrea presentationWe wanted to show how much we appreciate her work during the pandemic. Using her links with Upton Priory School and Macclesfield Borough Council she quickly set up an emergency food delivery programme last year. This was converted into the Food Pantry which offers a wide variety of very low cost food to our community.
You will know that thankfully there has been widespread support for these initiatives, but Andrea has put in so much hard work and we wanted to recognise this. Her practical work, planning and fund-raising has been accompanied by one-to-one pastoral support which has been much needed at this difficult time.
So in summary, a very big thank you to Andrea from the Upton Priory community.
Not forgetting of course the wonderful work of Monique and the volunteer team.

Calling All Quizzersquiz

You, St Peter’s and the ZSA Celebratory Big Quiz

St Peter’s has provided the perfect location for a star studded film supporting the Zero Suicide Alliance (ZSA) a national NHS Charity and now you can join-in.
The ZSA Big Quiz is hosted by comedian and ITV’s Catchphrase Legend Roy Walker and it features a host of stars from the worlds of TV and film.
Our Curate, Steve Murphy, has helped to put the whole thing together and now you can take part at any time online. Steve says it’s great fun and that you can: “flex your quizzing muscles and answer questions set by Hollyoak’s Zara Morgan (Kelly Condron), Coronation Street’s DS Swain (Vicky Myers), TV Gladiator Vogue (Suzie Cox), actor Kaitlyn Akinpelumi (star of new Netflix feature film, ‘The School of Good and Evil’), CBeebies and radio presenter Dan Westwood in 10 quiz rounds from song lyrics to geography via the 1990s. Roy even presents a special “Say What You See” bonus picture round”.
Other stars joining the quiz include Catherine Tyldesley (Strictly Come Dancing and Coronation Street), Charlie Brooks (I’m A Celebrity and EastEnders). Natalie Cassidy (also from EastEnders), Max Parker (Emmerdale and the recently announced Vampire Academy) and Kris Mochrie (also from Emmerdale).
The Big Quiz is free to enter and people are asked to make a donation towards the work of the ZSA. To take part and donate go to

Revd Steve Murphy (Tel: 07976 728 721)

This Week's Worship

Sunday 8.30am     Holy Communion St Peter's
Sunday 9.30am     Breakfast Church  St Peter's Rooms
Sunday 10.00am   Morning Worship Core        
Sunday 10.30am   Holy Communion
Sunday 4.30pm     Choral Evensong

Wednesday 10.30am Holy Communion Norman Chapel

This Week's Diary

The Church Office is open from Monday to Friday 9.00am to 12noon


9.00am Morning Prayer Zoom Code 503 346 024, Password 793684  


10.30am Holy Communion, Norman Chapel


 9.00am   Morning Prayer, Zoom Code 859 930 994
10.30am Holy Dusters, St Peter's
 3.00pm   Voice children's choir St Peter's Rooms


7.30pm    Choir practice

Looking Ahead

Young Church October 3rd
Harvest Festival October 10th

Worship Resources

Sixteenth  Sunday After Trinity

Worship Services for Sunday 19th September







Holy Communion
St Peter's





Breakfast Church
St Peter's Rooms





  Morning Worship 






Holy Communion
St Peter's






Choral Evensong
St Peter's






Sunday 19th September Bible Readings

For use with Worship at Home booklet and reflection.

James 3:13-4:3,7-8a
Mark 9:30 -37
Psalm 54

Collects for The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity

O Lord, we beseech you mercifully to hear the prayers
of your people who call upon you;
and grant that they may both perceive and know
what things they ought to do,
and also may have grace and power faithfully to fulfil them;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Lord of creation,
whose glory is around and within us:
open our eyes to your wonders,
that we may serve you with reverence
and know your peace at our lives’ end,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prayer focus this week

The focus this week is for those involved in treating cancer and those researching treatments and cures. For the work of medical staff involved in diagnosis and treatment, for specialist centres of excellence here in the north west. For cancer charities and research and the resources to ensure early diagnosis and speedy treatment.

Those who have asked for prayer

prayer b3

Ian Northcott
Sheila Griffiths
Margaret Brown
Tony Mackenzie
Alan Hayward
Graham Lewis
Diane Pappadopalous

Those who have died

Frank Griffiths