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Christmas and New Year Newsletter


To this week's newsletter: a three week special covering both Christmas and the New Year. Including a reminder not to forget Monday's 'Big Carol Sing', our opportunity to bring Christmas blessings to those isolated or unable to get out.
There are details of all the services at St Peter's, St John's and The Church of the Resurrection. Don't forget all three are part of our Church family and if service type or times at a different venue  to your usual work better for you do feel free to worship there. Look out too for Young Church Nativity and Street Party pictures.

Vicar's Thoughts

What do Ernest, Noddy, Peter the cat, the Grinch, the dog, Paddington and many other fictional and comic characters, all have in common?
The answer is they all save Christmas. The stories are often fun and entertaining morality tales, reminding the reader or viewer of values important to the writer that can easily be forgotten.
The truth is that Christmas does not need saving and no character fictional or real can change that reality any more than they can alter Harold's defeat in 1066 or any other historical event. Many atheist and anti-Christian regimes have tried over the centuries to cancel Christmas but failed. Christmas happened in time and space - it is a once for all time world changing, life transforming, hope giving, love demonstrating, God revealing event. Christmas happens in time and space when, hearts, minds, souls become open to the one born in a manger, to his indwelling, life changing presence.
Christmas is happening when, the story is told, the gift is received, voices lift in praise and lives turn God-side up.
Christmas always happens when the gift of God's love is shared, given, recklessly distributed, when it scatters darkness, banishes fear, brings hope, warms hearts, heals brokenness and changes everything.
Christmas does not need saving, but God long ago looked at his world and saw that it did. Christmas is his gift of saving love.

A Happy and Blessed Christmas to you and all whom you love.

Church News

When Christmas Hurts

when christmas hurtsThis Advent, once again, we will have in Church a prayer corner where we recognise that for some of us it will not be a particularly joyous Christmas. We have always thought it important to recognise the underlying sadness that affects many of us during this season of rejoicing. Being able to admit even just to ourselves that we don’t always feel great at this time of year can sometimes help, even though we are often desperately putting a brave face on it.
The church building will be open for anyone who would like to visit the 'When Christmas Hurts' prayer corner. You can take one of the nuts from the jar and hold it tight, remembering how tightly God holds you in his hand. You can pray, light a candle, write a prayer, consider God’s promises to us all, or just sit quietly for a while.
All are welcome.
I give them eternal life, and they will never perish.
No one will snatch them out of my hand
John 10:28

The Big (Carol) Sing - Very last call!

Last year, singers of all abilities, went out from St Peter's and sang in teams across the village, focusing on bringing cheer to those who, would not be able to join us for worship in church over the festive period. The joy of those on the receiving end of our enthusiastic singing was wonderful to behold. This year we are keen to repeat the event and so our 'Big Sing' will take place on Monday 20th December beginning at 6.30pm. We will be singing with our Methodist friends and it is hoped to send a group round the village and Shirleys, and maybe to Castle Hill, Willowmead or Legh Road areas. For this we NEED YOU. Grown ups, children, singers and those of us who are gifted more in enthusiasm! are all welcome.
Call the Parish Office or contact Bev on 01625 829288 or as soon as possible for more details.

Have you left a prayer in our prayer corner?

Dec fireLots of people visited our prayer corner over the last weekend and during the Street Party, lighting candles and leaving prayers. All the prayers that have been written and tied to the prayer ‘tree’ will be prayed by St Peter’s Ministry Team in the days running up to Christmas.
Our ‘When Christmas Hurts’ prayer activity will remain in place until Epiphany for any visitor or church regular to use whenever church is open. Please do come and have a look and pray here if you would like to. Christmas can be a tricky time for lots of us and the uncertainty and hype around the news this year does not help! Remember God holds you in his hand and will never let you go.
Anne Stirling

Holy Communion at home, this Christmas

If you normally receive Holy Communion at Christmas time but have not yet made it back to church for reasons of illness, mobility or caution, a member of our ministry or pastoral teams will be happy to bring Holy Communion to your home.
The short service of ‘Communion at Home or in Hospital’ is full of all the familiar words that we keep in our hearts, and brings communion in all senses of the word as it brings the spirit of the church family into your home… “we bring these holy gifts that you may share in the communion of his body and blood”
Let Anne know if you would like someone to visit with Holy Communion around Christmas time. All visitors to you from St Peter’s will have been fully vaccinated and had a negative lateral flow test result before visiting and will wear a mask if you request it.
Anne Stirling 07999 862 035
Or leave details with the Parish Office 01625 827625 

CoRe Food Pantry

Wow! It's been another amazing year at The Core Food Pantry and we want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us and our members this year. We're very grateful to both personal and corporate supporters and value their unique and collective contributions... thank you to all.
This year we've supported around 16,000 individuals and provided somewhere in the region of 40,000 meals worth of frozen, chilled, ambient and store cupboard food items and high quality fresh fruit and vegetables. It takes an immense effort each week to collect, sort and display all the food items and so I'd like toPantry Dec say a very personal thank you to our amazing team of volunteers, both past and present, without whom running the Pantry would be impossible! We're always looking for extra volunteers who might be able to do a local supermarket food collection or help stock up or tidy up or even help during a session. If you could spare a few hours to volunteer, I'd love to hear from you. (Andrea on 07586 358610).
Sadly, the need for the Pantry has not reduced. As well as Covid, many people, whose wallets are already stretched are now facing the very real choice between heating their homes or putting food on the table! And I'm being told that if it wasn't for the Pantry, there's no way they'd be able to make ends meet this winter. And so I'm asking for your help and support again. The main food items we're in need of at the moment are tinned vegetables and what I call tinned meals, eg tins of minced beef or chicken in white wine sauce or meatballs, etc. If you're able to donate these types of items, please leave them in the South porch at St Peter's as this is now open to receive donations.
I thank you again on behalf of all our members and wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year from everyone here at The Core Pantry.

We look forward to hearing in the New Year from some of the families who have been helped and in the year ahead seeing people come to faith in Christ through this ministry.

Covid and Christmas

We continue to monitor the situation and the Carols around the Crib will now be on-screen (rather than everyone being given a paper sheet) to reduce contacts at the doors. At present there are no plans to ticket or require pre-booking for any of our Christmas services. However, there will be no seating in the choir stalls, or Legh Chapel (other than for choristers, singers and musicians) and no standing at the back. When we are full, we are full!
All the main Christmas services will be streamed so if you are clinically vulnerable or un-vaccinated you can still join in with our worship.
Masks do need to be worn at all services except when we sing. Should the situation change we will email those registered for the newsletter and share the changes on the church Facebook page.

Disasters Emergency Committee Afghanistan appeal

Many of you will have seen the advertisements for this online, in newspapers and on television. Normally we might have a bucket collection for this but that is not easy during the current pandemic wave. Can we instead encourage you to consider supporting this appeal? Of the 15 charities that make up the DEC, 13 are active on the ground in Afghanistan, either themselves or with partners, and are working with the government there to get supplies to where they are needed. Afghanistan has suffered from 40 years of conflict, and is now suffering not only the effects of the pandemic but also the worst drought in 27 years. One million children are at risk of dying from malnutrition this winter. The British government will match DEC donations up to a total of £10 million.
The address for donations is
Thank you.
Kate Collins

Dec shepherdsSt John’s, Adlington,

4.00pm Sunday 19th December
Twilight Carols with the award winning Macclesfield Youth Brass Band
Outdoor Festive Family Service with FREE Mince Pies, Mulled Wine and Gingerbread Men
PLUS: St John's Barista Coffee Shop will also be open.

Christmas Services

St Peter's, Prestbury

Dec 19th    4.30pm Nine Lessons and Carols
Dec 24th    3.00pm & 5.00pm Carols around the Crib
                    11.30pm Midnight Communion
Dec 25th   10.30am Christmas Family Communion 

Church of the Resurrection, Upton PrioryDec hanbells

Dec 19th  4.00pm Christmas Praise
Dec 24th  4.00pm Christingle

St John's, Adlington

Dec 12th 11.00am Christingle
Dec 19th   4.00pm Twilight Carols (outdoors)
Dec 24th   6.00pm Nine Lessons and Carols 

The Church Diary

The Church Office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 12noon Christmas closing dates: Monday 27th, Tuesday 28th and Monday 3rd.


9.00am Morning Prayer St Peter's Rooms, all welcome.  December 20th & January 10th


9.00am Morning Prayer Zoom Code 503 346 024, Password 793684 recommences on January 11th


10.30am Holy Communion, St Peter's followed by refreshments December 22nd and 29th, January 5th


9.00am Morning Prayer, Zoom Code 859 930 994 recommences on January 13th
11.30am Holy Dusters, St Peter's (If interested please call the Parish Office as in the run up to Christmas, times may vary)


7.45pm Choir practice recommences January 7th


Dates for January:

Monday 10th January 2.00pm

Mothers’ Union

We welcome Michael Gandy who will talk about “A Love of Geology”. He will bring along some maps, books and specimens for us to have a good look at. Everyone welcome!

Wednesday 19th January

Soup Lunch following the 10.30am Holy Communion Service

Come and join us for a chatty lunch after the service. Everyone is very welcome.

Voice Dec Kings

After the wonderful success of Voice our children's choir and  school music project at Remembrance and Christingle. Simon reminds everyone  "Just a note to let you know that our Voice group will be starting up again on Thursday 13th January next term, with the last session being on 31st March.
Have a lovely Christmas! Simon
 If anyone wants to know more about voice or how their children can be involved then do contact
Simon Smith Director of Voice                   

Worship Resources


Sunday Services for December



St Peter's


  St Peter's  


 St John's

4.30 pm
St Peter's









 Nine Lessons 





19th December Fourth Sunday of Advent

Readings and Collects

Bible Readings

Micah 5:2-5a
Hebrews 10:5-10
Luke 1:39-45


God our redeemer,
who prepared the Blessed Virgin Mary
to be the mother of your Son:
grant that, as she looked for his coming as our Saviour,
so we may be ready to greet him
when he comes again as our judge;
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


Eternal God,
as Mary waited for the birth of your Son,
so we wait for his coming in glory;
bring us through the birth pangs of this present age
to see, with her, our great salvation
in Jesus Christ our Lord.

26th December St Stephens Day

Readings and Collects

Bible Readings

2 Chronicles 24:20-22
Acts 7:51-end
Matthew 10:17-22


Gracious Father,
who gave the first martyr Stephen
grace to pray for those who took up stones against him:
grant that in all our sufferings for the truth
we may learn to love even our enemies
and to seek forgiveness for those who desire our hurt,
looking up to heaven to him who was crucified for us,
Jesus Christ, our mediator and advocate,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

2nd January Second Sunday of Christmas

Readings and Collects

Bible Readings

Jeremiah 31:7-14
Ephesian 1:3-14
John 1:10-18


Almighty God,
in the birth of your Son
you have poured on us the new light of your incarnate Word,
and shown us the fullness of your love:
help us to walk in his light and dwell in his love
that we may know the fullness of his joy;
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.


God our Father,
in love you sent your Son
that the world may have life:
lead us to seek him among the outcast
and to find him in those in need,
for Jesus Christ’s sake. 


Prayer focus this week

Our prayer focus this week as we celebrate the birth of Jesus is on those who are there at the birth and in the early years of childhood. We pray for Midwives and maternity unit staff, for those who work providing special care to babies, for health visitors, social workers and specialist support workers. We pray for all the babies born to church families this year for their parents and siblings. That St Peter's will always be a place where babies are welcomed and whole families included.

Those who have asked for prayer

prayer b3Tony Mackenzie
Graham Lewis
Keith Ravenscroft
Geraldine Collins
Neil Roper

Those who have died

Marjorie Jackson (Funeral St Peter's, 2.00pm 6th Dec)
Eric Bolam (Funeral St Peter's, 1.00pm 9th Dec)
Mick Barton (Funeral  St Peter's, 1.00pm 10th Dec)