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January 9th News and Worship

Welcome...Jan 1 Christmas pudding the first Newsletter of the New Year! Following this introduction which includes the Welcome & Vicar's Thoughts, the Newsletter is in three sections. The first, with red headings, is The Week Ahead with information about what's happening (and sometimes why it's happening). The second, with green headings, contains Worship Resources.  The third section, with blue headings, is Church News with reports on activities and articles. Look out too for this year's Christmas pictures. All of us have different priorities and time available and we hope this will enable you to access the contents of the Newsletter in a way that works for you.
(The newsletter is a bit thin this week so don't forget to send in your own news and articles - we love to hear from you and it is good to keep in touch. Please send in by Tuesday evening each week.)

Vicar's Thoughts

Who would have imagined or predicted three years ago that in 2022 many of us would be scrubbing our tonsils with extra long cotton buds and pushing them up our noses, before waiting to see if there would be one red line or two on the test plate? Covid testing has become an everyday or every week part of life for many.
Imagine we wanted to test for Christianity, whether there was the presence of living faith in a person... how might we do it? The central Church hierarchy and bureaucracy tell us that Church attendance and Church financial giving are the measure of faith. But these last two years have demonstrated that Christian faith continues, and in some cases spreads and grows, without attendance and with very different patterns of giving and expenditure.
Some would say the test for Christianity, should be how we care for one another and for our neighbours, but those of other faiths and of none have done that too. Yes, the research shows Christians give more time and more money to helping others than those of other faiths or no faith, but care for others is not an exclusively Christian characteristic. Christianity has, so to speak, lots of different symptoms. When God dwells in us by his Holy Spirit, his love starts to change and transform us. He opens our eyes to things we need to repent of and leave behind and he strengthens those things that are good. We are changed and it is probably this change that is the best measure of living faith but the most impossible to test for.

The reason we do tests for Covid is so that those who are infected can self isolate and keep others safe. The reason some might want to test for Christianity would be the opposite! What if over these last decades as Christians, we have been isolating ourselves and not sharing our faith, we might not have given the opportunity for those around us to catch Christianity. It might look as if there is no faith there when it is in reality just being kept safely quarantined. This New Year when, as we hope and pray it does, the 'pandemic' comes to an end let's share something good - let's share the love of God: let's share it in worship, pastoral care, social action; let's share it generously, riskily and creatively; let's share it with young and old, with people like us and those who are not.
As we share it, we won't be testing and measuring results with extra long cotton buds, coloured lines or by any other means but we will see the results in lives transformed by and radiating the infectious love of God.

The Week Ahead

Sunday 9th Worship at 10.30am.

This Sunday our worship continues on Zoom. The code is: 255 545 2161. If you are new to Zoom or have any difficulty getting into the Service please let us know. There will be time to catch up and chat over virtual coffee afterwards.

Monday 10th Morning Prayer

Tuesday 11th Morning Prayer at 9.00am.
Zoom Code 503 346 024

A short service of about 30 minutes to start the day. 

Wednesday 12th Holy Communion 10.30am


Thursday 13th Morning Prayer at 9.00am. Zoom Code 859930994

A short service of about 30 minutes to start the day.

Thursday 13th Pram Service 10.15am in Church


Friday 14th 7.45pm Choir practice

Sunday 16th In-person worship resumes


Worship Resources

Worship for the week starting Sunday 9th January







Sunday 10.30am


  Together but Apart 


code 255 545 2161


Steve M

Anne S


Worship Resources for Sunday 9th January

Below are the worship resources for this coming Sunday and the Prayer Diary for the week. 

Bible Readings for "Baptism of Christ"jan 1 bellringers

for use with Worship at Home booklet and reflection.

Isaiah 43:1-7
Acts 8:14-17
Luke 3:15-17,21-22

Psalm 29


Eternal Father,
who at the baptism of Jesus revealed him to be your Son,
anointing him with the Holy Spirit: grant to us,
who are born again by water and the Spirit,
that we may be faithful to our calling as your adopted children;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,Jan 1 nine lessons
one God, now and for ever.


Heavenly Father,
at the Jordan you revealed Jesus as your Son:
may we recognize him as our Lord
and know ourselves to be your beloved children;
through Jesus Christ our Saviour.


Prayer focus this week

Our prayer focus this week is for Church members, praying for one another. Picture those you sit near in Church, or those you know worshipping at home or in church, pray for them. Ask God to bless them, to strengthen their faith, to guide them through the year ahead, pray that as they worship they would know God's love in a fuller, deeper and richer way.
If you are really brave tell them: "you are in my prayers this week!"

Those who have asked for prayerJAn 1 Christmas candles

Keith Ravenscroft
Sue Parker
Maureen Eccleston
Geraldine Collins

Those who have died

Gary Naden
Gill Bromley
Peter Brady

Church Family News

Mothers’ Union Monday 10th January: Cancelled

We are so sorry to have to postpone our New Year’s meeting and Michael Gandy’s fascinating talk on Geology, but the level of Covid cases locally and amongst the church family make it unwise to hold our meeting this time.
Please can you get in touch with any friends who might have been coming but don’t get this newsletter, so no one has a wasted journey. If you think of anyone who might need a phone call let Anne know (07999 862 035).

Pram Service

pram serviceOur first Pram Service of 2022 will be on the 13th January at 10.15am on the pink carpet at the front of Church.
If you know someone with a small child why not let them know?
Pram Service is a short, simple and very child (and parent) friendly worship service. All help to get ready for worship, sing and join in sharing in telling God's awesome story.
Coffee, cake and play to follow.
For more information please contact Beverley 01625 829288
or the Parish Office.

Remembering... The Big SingJan 1 carol singing

Oh it seems a long time since we gathered on the grass at the Shirleys to sing the first tentative notes of our first Carol, before Christmas! Thank you to all who came out on a chilly night, and sang, chirrupped, foot stamped, croaked and harmonised for those at the Shirleys, Abbey Mill and Bridge Green. It was good to join with our Methodist brothers and sisters (as well as some new faces) to bring cheer and seasons greetings across the village, as well as raising some money for Action for Children. Next year, if we get many more people we will be able to seasonally cheer many more! Thank you to everyone.

20 is plenty campaign

You may recall this campaign (for the reduction of the urban and residential speed limit in Cheshire East from 30 to 20mph) was covered in the Newsletter a few months ago, when the benefits of such a move were explained and the link made between this proposal and our duty as Christians to protect God’s creation. This is by way of an update and a call for renewed vigilance and contributions to the debate when the issue comes up for public consultation.
The last time you read about it followed a Council decision to refer the matter to the Speed Management Strategy (SMS) team within the Council  for consideration as part of a wider review. The Team has now produced its draft report and it was debated at a Highways Committee meeting at the end of November.
A small group of campaigners came out at short to demonstrate the strength of feeling and to speak at the meeting in favour of the 20mph limit and to outline their criticisms of the Report itself. The Report paid scant regard to the benefits of a reduction in the speed limit and provided no opportunity at all upon which Councillors could base a decision to make such a policy. It was considered by the leaders of the campaign that the SMS as written was not fit for purpose and needed drastic revision.
Cllr Suzie Akers-Smith proposed an amendment which would delay the process by a few months to ensure that eventually we have a workable strategy which could adopted as Council Policy.
Unfortunately, despite impassioned contributions by members of the public*, Suzie’s amendment was watered down to an undertaking to ensure that the strategy would reflect the principle contained in the motion passed by full council in December 2020 – which unfortunately is very vague and ambiguous so is not very helpful.
(*the text of one such contribution from two Yr 5 and 6 schoolboys from Knutsford is reproduced below. It neatly summarises the compelling case for the campaign)
The decision was to send the draft SMS out to public consultation which started a few days ago and finishes on 31 January. So, nothing will happen to reduce speeds pending this process. However, participation in the consultation process to express support for the 20mph as one of the main strategic policies of the Council is vital because, without it, we may end up with a strategy (and a policy) which will mean that the use of extensive 20mph limits in Cheshire East will not be possible for a very long time. This flies in the face of the widespread adoption of it across the country, including in Cheshire West and Chester.
So, if you feel strongly about this, don’t hesitate to make your views known at:
Ben – There is no doubt that we are facing a climate crisis requiring emergency action as time is running out to ensure we protect our planet for future generations. The schools in Knutsford and all schools nationally are committed to this and work really hard to ensure that road safety is a priority in the children’s learning, including a great scheme called bikeability. The schools work with the local community and PCSOs to make sure children stay safe and promote walking to school and not using cars if possible to contribute to reducing carbon levels.
Brooke – However, the children and their parents in the Knutsford community tell us that they do not feel safe to cycle to school and for some to even walk due to the traffic issues and the speed of the traffic. At 30mph 7% of cyclists are killed. However, if this were to be 20mph this figure drops to just 1%.
Ben - I know you have received some letters and emails from children and their families. Such is the strength of feeling regarding this. By reducing the speed limit our community we will feel safer and people will feel more confident to leave their cars at home.
Brooke – Finally, there are so many benefits to reducing the speed limit it is difficult to understand why this could not happen. Please follow so many other areas of the country, including Cheshire West and adopt such a safe and green policy for our area.
Steve Hill