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January 16th News and Worship


Welcome... this week's newsletter. This Sunday, Church is back in the building at St Peter's with Holy Communion at 8.30am and at 10.30am. At 9.30am there will be Breakfast Church with a lego-dimension to it and the day will draw to a close with sung Evensong at 4.30pm. At the CoRe we welcome the Rev Lynne Bowden who will be taking the Communion service there.

Vicar's Thoughts

A number of times over these last few months, Church has been blessed with an abundance of beautiful flowers, pedestals, altar displays and more. Sadly these have often been funeral flowers and are a sign and symbol of the love, the giver of the flowers has, for the deceased . There seem to be far more flowers than for similar services a few years ago. It made me wonder if this is a consequence or result of the pandemic? Families and friends have been disconnected, unable to see each other as much as they would normally do and friendships and relationships have become more distant or pulled apart. I wonder if the flowers are a token, not just of the affection and love a person is held in, but of that disconnect: the missed conversations, visits, trips, holidays all that should have happened, but didn't.
If there is an element that this is so, then it must also apply to families, friends, relationships of many kinds and to Church relationships too. Relationships have changed and something has been lost.
Perhaps that's why Wednesday coffee after Church is so popular, choir has gained new members and there is always a good turn out for morning prayer on Zoom. In the book of Genesis, God says "it is not good for 'man' to be alone" -  we are by nature social creatures and isolation and loneliness are not good.
If all this is the case, then what should we as church do? We often focus on the importance of our relationship with God, at other times we focus on our call to be salt and light to the world and our commitment to social justice. Now we may be moving into a time when we should focus more on building community, reconnecting with one another and strengthening relationships within the body of Christ here.
When, as looks increasingly possible in a few weeks' time, restrictions are lifted and the pandemic comes to an end... we should be looking for ways to put this into action. How, and what, could we do to build community within church life?

The Week Ahead

Sunday 16th: Worship at 10.30am

This Sunday at St Peter's, our worship is back in church - see worship section 'Green' below for details.

Monday 17th: Morning Prayer 

St Peter's rooms. A short service of about 30 minutes to start the day.

Tuesday 18th: Morning Prayer at 9.00am. Zoom Code 503 346 024

A short service of about 30 minutes to start the day

Wednesday 19th: Holy Communion 10.30am


Thursday 20th: Morning Prayer at 9.00am. Zoom Code 859 930 994

A short service of about 30 minutes to start the day

Friday 21st 7.45pm: Choir practice

Worship Resources 

Worship Services for The Second Sunday of Epiphany



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  St Peter's      


  St Peter's  


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16th JanuaryJan 2 snowdrops

Readings and Collects

Bible Readings
1 Corinthians 12:1-11
John 2:1-11
Psalm 36:5-10


Almighty God,
in Christ you make all things new:
transform the poverty of our nature by the riches of your grace,
and in the renewal of our lives
make known your heavenly glory;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

Eternal Lord,
our beginning and our end:
bring us with the whole creation
to your glory, hidden through past ages
and made known
in Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Prayersprayer b3

Prayer focus this week

Our prayer focus this week is on building community.
Let's pray for all the church groups to which people belong that they will be places of support, fellowship, prayer and care. For new people to be drawn in and feel welcome and at home.

Those who have asked for prayerjan2churchyard3

Tony Mackenzie
Maureen Ecclestone
Sue Parker
Keith Ravenscroft
Geraldine Collins

Those who have died

Gill Bromley
Peter Brady

Church Family News 

Volunteering is good for you… Doctors agree!

There has been much talk about mental health issues during the Covid pandemic and one thing that has been regularly highlighted is the benefits of volunteering. Anyone who volunteers regularly in any capacity already knows how the interaction with other people and the sense of purpose can boost your mood. The feeling of being part of something and helping others is hard to beat.
Church is of course a place where hardly anyone actually gets paid for the work that is done, and we achieve a lot with the volunteers we have. We always need more and there are always more jobs to be done than people to do them! Perhaps this January is the time for you to get involved…
Here are just some of the roles we would love more people to volunteer for …




Skills required

Web site admin

At home

Whenever you have time

See Avril’s article below

Supermarket pick-ups for the Pantry

Local supermarkets, then drop at the Pantry

Certain weekday evenings

Must be a car driver

Pantry set up – restocking, sorting donations, checking sell by dates, etc.


Wednesday mornings


Pantry operations volunteer – welcoming customers, helping with queries, checking customers out.


Wednesday afternoon/evenings or Thursday afternoons

A welcoming and chatty nature, and willing to listen too.

Pantry clear up – sorting and clearing the fruit and veg, tidying up.


Thursdays 2.30 onwards

Enthusiasm, able to lift.

Churchyard maintenance – clearing leaves & undergrowth, pruning, planting.

St Peter’s churchyard

Occasional (during churchyard working parties)

Love of the outdoors.
Willingness to get dirty!

Coffee after church – setting up the kitchen before the service, making coffee and tea, washing up afterwards.

St Peter’s Rooms

Sundays after 10.30am service

Friendliness! Full training and help is always available.

Holy Dusters – sweeping, dusting, polishing, refreshing flower arrangements, hoovering – general church cleaning

St Peter’s Church and Rooms

Thursdays at 11.30am for about 1 hour

Willingness to help and join the team

Young Church helpers

St Peter’s

 First Sunday of the month

Helping children and leaders in Young Church

Flower arrangers

St Peter’s

About 4 times per year on a rota

Love of flowers, some experience helpful

Interested? Want to talk more?
Leave a message with Judith in our Parish Office and she will pass the message to the relevant person at St Peter’s or the Pantry
Parish Office phone: 01625 827625

No Wednesday Soup Lunch next week

We are sorry that there will be no Wednesday Soup Lunch this coming Wednesday (19th) whilst infection rates are high – we hope to be able to resume our friendly lunches soon.

Pantry News

Many thanks to everyone who has been donating food for the Pantry. We have been busy these last couple of weeks as the increases in energy costs begins to impact the finances of those on low incomes. Please continue to leave your donations of tinned food in church or at the Parish Office (weekdays 9am-12noon). There are some church mice about so anything not in a tin needs to go to the Parish Office please!
This week the Pantry needs:
Tinned meals (e.g. meatballs in sauce, sausages and beans, chicken in sauce etc.)
Carrier bags (of any denomination)
Andrea: 07586 358 610 

Website Admin

We are in need of someone who understands websites from a techie angle. A brain that (for instance) understands emails from our website provider… or would like to. We still have access to those who can help train someone who would like to expand their knowledge. This is absolutely not an onerous commitment, is done entirely from home and only when needed. We also would be delighted if someone could help edit and place pictures on web pages – much like in the newsletter. Again, entirely from home, and not often needed. Please call Avril (820041) or Jim (820203) if you’d like to know more.

Creativity Cornerjan2snowdrops2

'The kiss of the sun for pardon
The song of the birds for mirth
One is nearer to God's heart in a garden
than anywhere else on earth'

What better example could we have than our churchyard, truly a 'garden' which has kept us going during these uncertain times. Look for the snowdrops! yes, they are appearing despite the wet weather - and give hope for the lovely carpet to come. Last year we looked at various trees, birds nests and not forgetting the owl... We saw so many people just enjoying being in the churchyard, walking or sitting on the various seats. How lucky we are, it certainly made a tremendous difference to coping and it still does. Try It?

Newsletter Contributions

Thank you to Elaine for her encouraging thoughts on the churchyard. A reminder that if you have news, or articles to include - and they would be very welcome - please pop it into the Parish Office or send in to the vicarage by Tuesday evening each week. Thank you!