Traffic light system for services 

All our services carry a traffic light colour to denote the level of potential risk (all our services also meet both the Church of England and Government requirements).

There are two reasons for using the  traffic light system:

  1. To ensure those who are most vulnerable attend the most safe services.
  2. And importantly so that those who are not at risk, particularly families with children, are not put off attending out of their concern for the well-being of others.

Red Services Will have children present who do not need to wear masks. There will be action songs, there will be movement and the worship band will provide sung worship. Those with medical mask exemptions may attend.
Orange Services Have no singing but there is music and there is movement and consumables (as the Government describes Holy Communion) are shared. Those with medical mask exemptions can attend this service.
Green Services Are the most risk-reduced: these have no movement, no consumables and only those wearing masks are permitted to attend.

To help you decide which services to attend we will put this colour coding on our service information. 

Peter Whitham, 17/10/2020