Worshipping together


Open doorWorship in church

Being back in the building is a joy, albeit not yet 'normal'. But restrictions are easing very slightly. We are now permitted a small group of singers or choir, even though we can't sing ourselves. When that happens, we shall truly rejoice!  Maskes must still be worn, social distancing adhered to – but we are together to worship at last.

Our aim is to livestream at least one of our Sunday services on the St Peter’s YouTube channel. If you're registered for our weekly newsletter, you will receive an email on the Saturday saying which service. and with a link to take you straight there. (Please remember that the live connection is made just before the start of worship, not ten minutes earlier!)

Just follow the link below

You can register for the newsletter here.

Details of worship follow, and please continue to check the News page, newsletter and our facebook page for updates on worship.

The traffic light system
Services are designated RED, AMBER and GREEN. Green means the risk of transmission is as low as we can make it, amber means the risk is a bit higher, and red is the most ‘at risk’ service. The worship pattern is as follows:

St Peter’s, Sunday 10.30am

RED: all age worship with families and children and no Holy Communion. This service is streamed on the St Peter's YouTube channel.

St Peter’s, Sunday 4.30pm

GREEN: reflective worship with music, but no congregational singing or Holy Communion. This service is streamed on the St Peter's YouTube channel.

Zoom Morning Prayer 9.00am Tuesdays and Thursdays

Please register with the Parish Office or Vicar for the Zoom code

St Peter’s Wednesday 10.30am

AMBER: worship with Holy Communion, but no congregational singing.

The CoRe Sunday 9.00am

AMBER: worship with Holy Communion, but no congregational singing, at the Church of the Resurrection, Upton Priory.

St John's, Adlington

Please check the newsletter for times of worship.

For those unable to come back to church yet, many of our Sunday services are live streamed on the St Peter's YouTube channel. You can watch them at the time, or later.

Worship for everyone

Each service will respect social distancing, and we hope that this pattern will enable everyone to worship together again. There will be no ‘main’ service, each one is different in style or in time to fit into work patterns and levels of risk people feel comfortable with.

Do I have to book?

Not at this stage. The pattern is designed to spread the worshippers and still keep to the numbers required. We feel confident there will be space.

What if I am still shielding?

Worship at St Peter’s will be live streamed at 10.30am and at 5.00pm on Sundays. This enables those at home to worship with us with an iPad, phone or computer. For those without access to the internet, a ‘Worship at Home’ booklet has been prepared, and the parts that change each week – collect, Bible readings, reflection and hymns – will be on the newsletter.

And we continue to pray for God to guide us all through this difficult time. Please continue to check the newsletter for updates.